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About Bob


After Bob graduated high school, he began his firearms training at age 17 as a student at Oregon Technical Institute in gunsmithing. That later led to his founding a small firearms design company, doing consulting work for several firearms manufacturers and the granting of two U.S. Patents on firearm operating systems in his name. 

During that period Bob’s manufacturing company, Armament Technology Corporation, marketed the ATC “Pocket Rifle” with receivers supplied by O. F. Mossberg in North Haven, Connecticut.

After founding The Survival Store in 1982 that store morphed into The Gun Store  Las Vegas, a firearm retail store, training facility and indoor shooting range. Bob remained there until he retired in 2017. He is also a 24 year retired Law Enforcement Officer as a Bailiff for Clark County Justice Courts and Lieutenant with the Boulder Township Constables Office.

Bob was certified by the National Rifle Association as a handgun, shotgun, home defense and firearms safety instructor beginning a long career as a firearms instructor. He became a Training Counselor (instructor trainer) for the N.R.A. and was certified by Nevada Peace Officer Standards and Training as a law enforcement instructor trainer.

Over his 50 year career, he instructed more than 30,000 Carry Permit holders for Nevada, Utah, and Florida as well as training some 20,000 armed Security Officers for the Nevada Private Investigator’s Licensing Board. Bob also taught firearms and use of force in 28 Nevada Law Enforcement Academies, encompassing Officers from 26 different Nevada Agencies.

Bob is also the author of more than eighty published articles addressing firearms safety, training, tactics and use of force issues. He has hosted a firearm education show now on YouTube, “Fired Up with Bob Irwin”, for the past 5 years and is frequently recognized as an expert witness by County, State, and Federal Courts.

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